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Please describe your company and the problem you're solving in 280 characters:
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How is your solution uniquely addressing this problem?
How will your company change the world? What is the big picture and vision?

Team & Commitment

Please explain why your team is uniquely qualified to solve this problem. How long have you been working together and how did the co-founders meet? Is there someone on your team building your technology?
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List if each founder is working on this full-time or part-time so we can better understand your resource allocation to this point.


Please provide your revenue/customer/user growth KPIs or metrics. Include totals and month-over-month growth for the last six months. If your product is not yet in the market, how are you tracking progress - ie. LOIs/MOUs, waitlist sign-ups, or other indicators of early market demand?
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How do you plan to acquire customers/users?

Funding & Runway

Please explain any capital raised to date and terms:
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What is your monthly burn and how much runway do you have?
Please list names and websites of 3-5 of your competitors:


Please list all shareholders (including founders, employees and investors) of the company that own at least 5% equity, including their title and percentage:
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Please list which founder of your team will be responsible for signing legal documents for your company:Please provide first and last name
Please list the email for the founder of your team responsible for signing legal documents for your company:Make sure this is a valid email that is regularly checked
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