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We bring decades of proven industry expertise
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Project Intermediation Program

We diagnose our clients’ environment to identify challenges, processes and inefficiencies and provide technology solutions to improve their operations, reduce cost and increase revenue generation.

Tech Startup

We provide excellent support for forwards looking and innovation driven startups including provision of funding, guidance, capacity building, growth oriented governance practices and management hand-holding.


We provide e-portal solutions to address admission registration, e-payment, management processes in educational institutions, among others.

What we Offer

We provide expert financial and technology solutions, leveraging on the vast experience of our team and the technical competence of our partners. For businesses and institutions, you can rely on Fintech to deliver.
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About Us

Fintech Associates Limited (Fintech) is a financial and technology solutions service provider that promotes financial technology solutions in collaboration with partners, and delivers optimization technologies across service platforms.

The company has a track record of providing expert financial and technology solutions across many sectors. Our team of experts brings decades of industry expertise in driving our solutions approach. The team ensures our solutions global standard, combining substantiated research with the most effective technology tools available today with the view of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision of your organization?

To be a global technology solution provider built on creativity and innovation and value add.

What is the major focus of your organization?

To be the hub of innovation driven technology startups; providing guidance, governance, funding etc.

What industries is your organization focusing on?

Startups (technology), education and finance (which includes payment systems, general financial intermediation and advisory services), among others.

Why Choose Us?


We have over 10 years experience providing expert solutions.


A dynamic, enthusiastic team of experts are always here to help.


Our financial specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

Our Values

The acronym T.E.C.H summarizes the value offered by Fintech

This is our cornerstone for sustainable, collaborative and cooperative team work.

You can Trust us!

We bring the right attitude to work and doing things right is a basic standard for us.

Our Ethics are non-negotiable!

Our actions are the fabric upon which we will build monuments of Service and Excellence.

Our Culture is ingrained!

Our people have “fire in the belly”. A powerful, strong-willed determination for Success.

We crave your success!

For reliable financial & technology solutions, you can trust Fintech Associates

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